To celebrate their 20th birthday, Empire Magazine invited a whole ton of actors and actresses to ever-so-briefly reprise their most iconic roles for a pretty cool photo shoot. Curious to see what Arnold Schwarzenegger would look like now if he donned those famous black sunglasses and threw on his best badass pose for a photo in front of a motorcycle? Or what about wanting to see Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster reunited for the first time since the Oscar-winning Silence of the Lambs?

Other cool photo ops include Mel Gibson wearing face paint in honor of Braveheart, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost looking back at Shaun of the Dead, Christian Bale returning to his American Psycho days, Ben Stiller showing us all that Zoolander totally deserves a sequel, Gerard Butler giving us his best 300 roar, Laurence Fishburne calling back Morpheus and more. It's a pretty cool idea, even if Tom Cruise's most iconic role is certainly not Minority Report (20 bucks says Empire couldn't get him to wear that Top Gun jacket). Check out some of the images below and the rest over at Empire.

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