There are many reasons to hope the United Arab Emirates and Dubai can get its act together and deal with its $60 billion debt. And forgive me for having my world economic priorities out of whack, but I see reason no. 1 as, "Because comic book fans everywhere really need to have this Marvel Superheroes park built".

Back in 2007, Al Ahli Group (AAG) and Marvel Entertainment announced their partnership in bringing an innovative theme park to Dubai featuring the many characters from the Marvel Universe. The park had a direct investment of over $1 billion (USD) and was set to open in 2011. In April 2008, Dubai Holdings subsidiary Tatweer stepped in to take over the development of the project from AAG to incorporate the Marvel project as a part of the company's Dubailand attractions, at least at one point or another, was set to include a DreamWorks Animation Park, a Six Flags and Universal Studios Dubailand.

Today, our friends over at Cinematical dug up a blog post from Disney and More featuring concept art for the planned park and let me just say, better start saving up for your ticket to Dubai now, because this thing feels like it could be incredible.
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