This is getting ridiculous, and I can only assume that James Cameron is shaking his head somewhere and muttering: "Jacka**es." We wondered if the Terminator franchise was in trouble back in August, and then learned that Halcyon -- the company who owns the rights to the franchise -- filed for bankruptcy and was gearing up to auction the whole thing off. Being a stand-up kind of guy, Joss Whedon then offered to buy the rights for ten G's. Now? Still in a crunch for money, IESB reports that The Halcyon Company has teamed up with Hollywood Parts online auction service to sell off all the movie props and wardrobes now that Terminator Salvation is out on DVD (guess we can wave goodbye to any sequel set in this world).

Rather than doing this the eBay way, where awesome props start off cheap and work their way up, these items start with a price of a couple hundred dollars and then work their way up to $10,000 for a full John Connor costume. However, they do allow buyers to make an offer price and see what happens -- but you just know that no person who bids $100 on that Connor costume has a shot in hell of getting it even if no one else bid.

For any fans who like the film enough to fork over some cash, this should be a sweet deal, but it's just an added piece of embarrassment to a franchise that started off so wonderfully. I wonder what's next -- some cult company like Troma or Asylum turning it into cult pulp?
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