I've been on the fence about the new vampire flick Daybreakers since I saw the first trailer earlier this year. I love the fact that it has actors like Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe in it, but the early clips made the film look a little cold and sterile. Subsequent trailers and advertisements have kept that odd color scheme intact, but the film's action and premise are winning me over in spite of it.

FEARnet landed the newest TV spot for the film yesterday, and I can now say that I'm now fully on-board with this film. It's got the aforementioned actors that I love (plus Ethan Hawke), it's got vampires who're actually monsters, and it looks to feature a nice mixture of action and horror elements. Apparently, I'm an easy man to please.

Jump past the break for a look at the new ad for the film, and be sure to check out our Fantastic Fest review of Daybreakers. The film is slated to hit theaters on January 8th.
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