It's time for another super-exciting first official images. On the heels of Harry, Ron, and Hermione looking surprised, we've gotten the above peek at Sex and the City 2, which premiered over at Omelete. There are no hideous '80s fashions to recoil at, just more of the same -- Carrie sporting saucy fashions and more opulence (see a whole bunch of angles of a solo Carrie at Omelete).

In lieu of the rumors of financial woes, it looks like the powers that be are opting to market this as more of the same. Or, perhaps they just want to start off with a little glitz and glamor before laying down the cold, hard hand of financial turmoil. I've got to say, I'm disappointed. As someone who (with reservations) really enjoyed the series, the only thing keeping me semi-interested in this sequel was the hope that they would stop trying to blind with the bling.

Then again, the sarcastic person in me -- the one who is ticked that I actually had high hopes for the first and bothered to surround myself with the masses of fashion-obsessed fans on opening day -- wishes it's all just a rouse. No longer holding fan expectations, I'd like to see an utterly condescending "fiscally responsible" sequel where the girls only buy one pair of Manolos a month instead of 5. The hardship that would bring...
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