The Kinks will soon have us! The English rock band (aka the dudes behind the song "You Really Got Me") are getting a feature biopic. ScreenDaily reports that British director Julien Temple is collaborating with frontman Ray Davies on a film that will focus on the relationship between Ray and fellow bandmate and brother Dave Davies. The two were the only steady members of the band, and as Temple explains: "At the heart of [the feature] is the extraordinary love-hate relationship between these two brothers: love/hate, sibling rivalry is at the core."

Right now Temple and Davies are sussing out the approach before any screenplay is started. Of course, that also means that there is no cast yet, but Temple will require the actors to be able to play The Kinks music: "I think you would want to have the music played by the actors ... that is believable and real while miming is problematic." His words to Hollywood god's ears! On that basis alone, I'm psyched to see this come together. (She writes, while trying not to eagerly expect another perfect beauty like Control.)

But there is a reason to anticipate this, besides the subject, since Temple is the man behind flicks like The Great Rock'n' Roll Swindle, plus a whole bunch of music videos, like, oh, Van Halen's Jump. But who could possibly pull off the acting and music chops of The Kinks? Sound off below with your casting choices ...

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