When it comes to topless scenes, director McG just can't seem to catch a break. First he had to cut out the gratuitous Moon Bloodgood topless scene from Terminator Salvation in order to maintain the film's PG-13 rating (it's now featured on the DVD, but I heard there's nothing bloody good about it), and now he's forced to use a body double for Rachel Bilson when the actress refuses to drop her clothes for a sex scene with Adam Scott in the romantic drama Hearts of Palm.

Never heard of it? Well then, why don't you let the good folks from Funny or Die clue you in on this under-the-radar gem that features what has to be the world's most ... um, "interesting" body double in place of a nekked Bilson. There's not much else to add except that we hope Adam Scott was handsomely rewarded for this because one can't help but feel pain and heartache for the dude throughout.

Watch the video after the jump, though be warned that it features foul language and is sexually explicit.