Vera Farmiga Interview: 'Up in the Air,' Butt Doubles and Clooney's 'Sling Blade' ObsessionIf you don't yet know the name Vera Farmiga, or if you only vaguely recognize her as the head-shrinking beauty who romanced both Matt Damon and Leo DiCaprio in 'The Departed,' that's all about to change thanks to writer-director Jason Reitman's'Juno' follow-up 'Up in the Air' (in select theaters Dec. 4).

The Jersey Girl with a self-professed Ukrainian-New Jersey accent is earning career-best reviews and Best Supporting Actress Oscar buzz for her role in the flick. An adaptation of Walter Kirn's 2002 novel, 'Air' casts Farmiga as Alex, a jet-setting professional woman who's every bit as witty, smart, charming and emotionally unavailable as her male romantic foil Ryan Bingham, a slick, frequent-flier-mileage-obsessed "career transition technician" played by the equally Oscar-worthy George Clooney.

In an exclusive interview, Farmiga dishes on her ideal man, Clooney's weird fascination with Billy Bob Thornton's character from 'Sling Blade' ... and the dangers of doing nude scenes after childbirth.
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