At only 24, Anna Kendrick is already an old pro. When she was barely 10 her parents were putting her on Greyhounds (with her older brother) bound for New York so she could audition on Broadway. At 12, she landed her first play. And at 14, she became the second youngest person ever to be nominated for a Tony award.

She didn't win, but nominations haven't stopped coming her way. There was the Independent Spirit Award nomination for 2004's 'Camp,' and then another, four years later, for 'Rocket Science.' And now her work in 'Up in the Air,' the latest film from Jason Reitman ('Juno,''Thank You For Smoking'), is generating Oscar buzz.

Did we mention (do we have to?) that Kendrick plays Jessica, pal to Kristin Stewart's Bella in the 'Twilight' saga? (One of the year's most popular movies? Check. Oscar nomination? A very likely check.)