Konami's latest Silent Hill title, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, is set to debut on December 8th. In preparation for the big launch, they've released a new trailer for the game, which is basically a remake of the original PlayStation title with a whole lot of tweaking.

The trailer is exactly what you'd expect visually, meaning it's got a guy running around in the dark with a flashlight as he tries to avoid being eaten alive by some freaky looking monsters. However, the soundtrack to the clip is where things get weird. I expected your typical spooky Silent Hillmusic, or maybe some sappy J-Pop, but instead the preview is scored with some really weird rock song that seems totally incongruous with the action happening right before your very eyes.

I always anticipate some quirkiness when it comes to Silent Hill (the series gave us Pyramid Head, after all), but this music choice is puzzling. It just doesn't give off much of a "survival horror" vibe.

Let's hope the rest of the game sticks to its roots when it lands on the PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PSP next week.
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