As we learned yesterday, Sundance has revealed the first chunk of its lineup, which included Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's Howl. In other words, the film that has James Franco starring as Allen Ginsberg -- when the iconic poet faced an obscenity trial for his poem "Howl." The above picture is one of the first images of the film, released by the Sundance Film Festival, showing Ginsberg and lifelong partner Peter Orlovsky (Aaron Tveit). (Here's a picture for reference.) Pretty darned good, eh? But wait. It's easy to think OMG Perfect! and rush over there with high expectations.

Unfortunately, the above image is definitely the best of the bunch, with the others (see below gallery) looking like Franco in glasses (plus one more image of Jon Hamm in his best court duds). That makes me half excited and half disappointed, but it will all come down to how it works in moving, talking action, and whether Franco can make the poet come to life with inflection and mannerisms. There's still a chance, and it's hard to gripe about the rare wordy projects that make it to the big screen.

What do you think of Franco's Howl look?

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