It's been five years since Jean-Pierre Jeunet's last film -- the sprawling WWI masterpiece A Very Long Engagement -- and it has just been painful waiting all this time for his follow up. For a while (until 2007 to be exact), that next film would have been Life of Pi, but since Jeunet left (and Ang Lee stepped in), he went to work on Micmacs, or as they will be saying in his native France, Micmacs A Tire-Larrigot.

Empire has the UK trailer up for Micmacsas an exclusive, and looks like this genre-bending, crazy caper of a flick will be well worth the wait. Bazil (Dany Boon) gets his life interrupted when an accidental gun shot to the head has him knocking on death's door. He recovers and gets help from a "makeshift family of misfits" to track down the two weapons manufacturers who made the bullet that nearly killed him.

There's something delightfully Gilliam-esque about the whole look and feel of the Micmacs universe in the preview, which suggests Jeunet may be shifting back toward his earlier works, Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children. Having said that, the film has that same predominant green/amber/red color scheme of Amelie and A Very Long Engagement, although this time it's courtesy of cinematographer Tetsuo Nagata (La Vie En Rose)rather than Bruno Delbonnel, who shot Jeunet's last two. In other words, there's evidence of a little bit of all of Jeunet's work in this brief glimpse, so long as we can agree to ignore the fact that he directed Alien: Resurrection.

No word yet on an American release (sometime in 2010 would be the vague answer), but we'll be watching for this one very closely as we head into the new year.
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