If aliens arrived on Earth tomorrow, surely the entire dynamic of the world at large would completely change. Technology, the economy, media...nothing would ever be the same. The way the world operates is based entirely on the potentially selfish and egotistical belief that we're alone in the universe. All of our old institutions would simply have to change.

What about religion? Wouldn't the existence of aliens contradict about, oh, 99% of what's in the Bible? The reliably hilarious Stephen Colbert wants answers and he wants them now! After the jump, watch as Colbert ponders the effect alien life would have on the Catholic Church, the potential of a Vatican spaceship and whether or not we could convert aliens to Christianity. And that's all before he interviews a Vatican astronomer. In typical Colbert fashion, it's very funny stuff, but it raises some very interesting questions to ponder concerning religion and alien life. After all, in the world of Star Trek, religion has ceased to exist and human beings are gallivanting across the galaxy with nary a prayer. Can religion exist in a world where science fiction is quickly becoming our reality?

Watch the clip after the jump, laugh a bit and let me know what you think.
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