Sundance is a celebration of independent filmmaking, but half the fun is seeing the premieres of larger films that might not come out for months, or years in some cases. In fact, the non-industry people who attend Sundance every year might not be able to tell you what documentary won the Grand Jury prize last year (it was Ondi Timoner's We Live In Public), but they're always able to tell you when they saw "that new George Clooney movie."

With that in mind, Sundance has announced the premieres that are screening out of competition. You can see a full list, complete with synopsis and cast listing for each film, just beyond the break. There's a few standouts so far, and I'd have to say my most eagerly anticipated is The Company Men, where Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and others have to survive corporate downsizing. There are a few films that sound potentially painful, including Buried, where Ryan Reynolds plays a contractor in Iraq who finds himself buried alive with only a lighter and a cell phone.

However, our real money is on Splice, a Park City at Midnight premiere, which are usually quirky comedies or horror movies. "Clive and Elsa are young, brilliant, and ambitious. The new animal species they engineered has made them rebel superstars of the scientific world. In secret, they introduce human DNA into the experiment." Excellent! Plus it's directed by Vincenzo Natali, who also helmed the terrific Cube, and stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley.

Check out the full list just beyond the break, where you'll see that Catherine Keener and John C. Reilly are appearing in two movies apiece at Sundance, thereby making them eligible for the Parker Posey award.