Howdy Hellions! Welcome back to Terror Tapes; my weekly excursion into the realm of lost formats. DVD is great and Blu-ray is the tits and all, but we mustn't lose sight of all the great (and not so great) horror titles that never made the leap. After all, to forget where we came from is to forget who we are. I think Spock or Bob Ross said that. During my latest trip to I Luv Video here in Austin, I came across one such treasure: Dark Night of the Scarecrow. I had heard of it, but was fairly uneducated on this title. But not one to turn my nose up at...well, anything really, I bounced up to the counter and checked it out. Would this be a film I begged to find release on DVD? Or would Dark Night of the Scarecrow be something well suited for the forgotten format?
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