A special thank you to post-apocalyptic aficionados Quiet Earth for bringing to my attention the fantastic short film Plague, written and directed by Matt Simpson and co-directed and starring Joseph Luke Avery. Plague follows a man named Vilhelm, a gun-and-migrant runner who aims to leave his past behind and start fresh in London. Upon his arrival in London, however, he comes across the walking dead and a whole new set of challenges.

Influenced by World War Z and I am Legend, Simpson wanted to make a film that focused on one individual instead of "the usual scenario of an unlikely group of people coming together and bonding amidst the chaos." In doing so he managed to not only put a unique spin on the zombie genre, but did it all with a meager budget, which is something that always impresses me. Speaking with Revenant Magazine, he states:

"There was pretty much no budget for the film, I really hate not paying people, but there just wasn't any money to go around. The crew worked long hours for little more than a baked potato with beans or cheese. We begged and borrowed both kit and talent. (Producer) Frances and I, fronted somewhere between 2-3000 pounds which went of food and make up supplies, and a camera dolly and track. "

Despite the meager budget, the film is incredible looking, and boasts stellar make-up and special effects comparable to many feature length zombie flicks. The entire interview can be found here, and the short film in its entirety can be found after the jump.
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