Oh, Farmer Ted, what the hell are you doing? The New York Post reports that actor Anthony Michael Hall "bit his girlfriend's forehead" during an altercation in the middle of the night on November 10th, 2009. Excuse me, make that EX-girlfriend. Radio host Diana Falzone recently ended her year-long relationship with Hall, issuing a temporary restraining order against him.

Hall's violent outburst, which Palzone says included shoving and spitting on her, was fueled by alcohol and probably not helped by Hall's diagnosed bipolar disorder. Another of Hall's ex-girlfriends, actress Sandy Guerard, has spoken out to defend Hall's character. "He is absolutely not violent," states Guerard. "These allegations would be laughable if it were not such a serious issue. Never in over 10 years has this man ever been violent to me. I will stand by him, along with his family, 100 percent."
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