I'm not sure what the popular consensus on Roar Uthaug's Norwegian slasher film Cold Preyaka Fritt Vilt was, but I think we can all agree on one thing: Roar Uthaug is quite possibly the coolest name this side of Max Power. For what it's worth, I liked Cold Prey. It's a simple slasher flick, but there are evenings where I want little more than a group of generic people killed in horribly gruesome ways by some maniac. Cold Prey delivered that.

The sequel (which I haven't seen) keeps the story going (picking up right where the first film ends, only with Uthaug replaced by filmmaker Mats Stenberg) and generated a surprisingly positive critical and commercial reception for a sequel to a slasher film. Naturally, this means a Cold Prey 3 is in the works...

Our friends at Twitch have the early skinny on the latest installment and a nifty (although slightly spoiler-ific) teaser clip for the new entry. Rather than try to bring the killer of the first two films back for a third go-round, Cold Prey 3 is instead set up to be a prequel and origin story highlighting what led up to the events in the first film. So you know this, they've shot the trailer backwards and stuck a subtitle on the film that translates to "Beginning".

You can check out the film's official site (which, like the trailer, is not in English and does not feature English subs) or view the teaser clip beyond the jump.
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