Tired of watching a group of horny male Hollywood-somethings bounce around to various Los Angeles hot spots and make fun of each other while beautiful, half-naked wannabee models-turned-actresses try to have sex with them on the small screen? Don't you think this sort of entertainment deserves the big-screen treatment? Well you may be in luck, as Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the show only has two seasons left under its current contract, and while there could be more seasons of boring plotlines in our future, the possibility of ending it on the big screen is very much alive.

Wahlberg's exact quote: "We'll see; there could be more. But then, a movie." Not much to go on, and this wouldn't be the first television show to tease a potential trip to the big screen, but in reality it is the one that makes the most sense. You'd think a show that was all about Hollywood and movies would stage their final send off on the big screen. It just seems like the obvious choice. Of course, the writing on the current show kinda sucks, so it's hard to imagine a full-length Entourage movie being anything beyond an extended collection of shallow, egocentric pieces of random nothingness. I mean, seriously, do you watch the show? Nothing ever happens! This past season it took I don't know how many episodes (13?) for someone to actually get engaged. And that was like the biggest thing to happen on the show in its history. A freaking engagement!

So, yeah, if Entourage wants to make a successful run at the big screen, then they need to up the ante, give us a plot that's more than Vince maybe-kinda-sorta doing a film that he loves and Ari hates (or vice versa), and give us a reason to actually care about these characters for once.