Without a doubt, one of the greatest comedic pairings of all time was Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. Stir Crazy, Silver Streak, Another You ... each had its charm, ranging from the story of a runaway train to a comedy directed by one Sidney Poitier. But my favorite has always been See No Evil, Hear No Evil-- a ridiculously plotted ball of laughs that allowed Wilder and Pryor to be their perfect -- and ultimate -- dysfunctional duo selves.

The film revolves around an unlikely friendship between a blind man named Wally (Pryor) and a deaf man named Dave (Wilder). They meet, become friends, and then find themselves embroiled in a messy murder. The cops don't believe them, and the crooks want them dead. Innocent yet desperate bystanders, they set out to stay alive and bring the bad guys to justice -- one of whom just so happens to be Kevin Spacey.

While the movie is an action crime thriller, See No Evil, Hear No Evil's charm rests solely on the banter that always erupted between Pryor and Wilder, and the ludicrousness of having an action film's heroic acts be led by one man who can't see, and another who can't hear.

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