Back in April, shock-jock Howard Stern was one of the random SAG members picked to be a part of the guild's nominating committee for their award ceremony. As The Wrap reports, approximately 4,200 members get picked (about 10% of the membership), and this year, Stern found his way in 12 years after he starred in the movie of his life -- Private Parts. Not surprisingly, Stern has made a show of it, saying: "I'm going to take this seriously, and reward our friends. I don't give a s*** if they were good or not." SAG spokesperson Rosalind Jarrett reiterates that the committee is "charged with nominating what they believe are the outstanding performances of the year," but Stern has other plans.

"I don't care if they're good actors, who gives a f*** if someone can pretend to be somebody?" So, Stern's picks include Robert Downey Jr. for Sherlock Holmes, Kevin Bacon and Renee Zellweger for My One and Only, and Jimmy Fallon for his stint as Hot Tub Johnny Rocket in Whip It. His criteria -- they've either been on the show or been nice to him in some way. No concern over the role or how well an actor pulled it off.

It's annoying, sure. But the annoyance comes from the straightforwardness more than an act, because let's be honest -- these things are absolutely subjective, and if everyone was completely forthright about their reasoning, there would be annoyance up the wazoo. Perhaps the other voters are not as stringently anti-talent, but there's always subjective rationale in play, whether it's simply preferring a certain style of acting or wanting to support a beloved friend.

The big question: Will SAG now reconsider their members, or at least, who can be part of the nominating committee?
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