To a certain generation of moviegoer, few faces are more familiar than Matt Dillon's. After breaking onto the scene at the tender age of 14 in 'Over the Edge,' Dillon quickly filled his resume with roles as the troubled bad boy in films like 'Tex,' 'Rumble Fish,' and 'The Outsiders.'

While many of his early-career co-stars had difficulty escaping teen-heartthrob territory, Dillon successfully transitioned to adult roles, consistently making bold choices that defied expectations. From the raunchy comedy 'There's Something About Mary' to the steamy thriller 'Wild Things' to his Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning performance as a police officer in 'Crash,' there's a fearlessness to Dillon's choices that recalls, well -- gotta say it -- a troubled bad boy, playing by nobody's rules but his own.
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