I do think it's pretty sad that being amazed by the world around us went the way of yo-yos and Disco: it's just not cool anymore. Apathy is IN. Being ironically detached is IN. So is not caring about global warming and believing that drilling deeper for more oil is going to solve each and every one of our multitude of problems.


Anyway, I submit to you a gallery of photographs that should make even the most apathetic hipster turn his head in awe. Popsci.com has compiled a collection of the year's most amazing scientific images, ranging from the robotic actors performing on stage to the birth of a new planet via a young star to robotic jellyfish. There are nebulas and experiments and homemade contraptions, each of them guaranteed to drop your jaw and blow your mind.

The wonders of science may not be in vogue right now (and let's face it, how often have they been, really?), but I'll gladly jump in the nerd pile if it means getting to see more of this. As I've written before, we're living in a science fiction world and it's time for everyone out there to take notice. People alive today who claim they don't care about science and science fiction have only proven one thing: they don't care about life!

Tongue firmly in cheek. But not really.
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