This one goes out to our more technically gifted readers -- The 2010 NASA Great Moonbuggy Race is now open for registration. Applicants must either be in high school or "an accredited institution of higher learning" (I think they call those colleges and universities here on planet Earth) and must sign up before the international deadline closes on Jan. 1, 2010.

Down in Huntsville, Alabama, the Moonbuggy Teams will convene and compete April 9-10 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. The Moonbuggies (great name for a '60s psych-rock group, right?) must be completely human-powered by one male and one female contestant. These vehicles are then raced "over a half-mile simulated lunar terrain course including 'craters', rocks, 'lava' ridges, inclines and 'lunar' soil". The course also winds around various NASA artifacts, including a Saturn Rocket and the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module), which I believe was responsible for saving Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon at one point or another.

Winners in the Moonbuggy competition are then awarded for the best times and, separately, best designs. Personally, I think this Moonbuggy race course sounds like it would be much more financially viable as the coolest NASA-themed mini-golf attraction in Alabama. But then again, I can't count to 20 without my shoes off let alone build a human-powered Moonbuggy.
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