I've written briefly about this scene before, a few years ago, when I retro reviewed Immortal Beloved. Gary Oldman plays a young Beethoven, struggling to keep his descending deafness a secret from those around him. Unbeknownst to him, his student and passion, Guilietta, has schemed up a deal with her father so that he will accept Beethoven's proposal of marriage. A piano will be placed into the room, and while the composer thinks everyone is away, father and daughter will hide and listen to see if there is still music left in the man. If there is, Guilietta can marry Ludwig.

While they hide behind a wall, Beethoven walks over to the piano with trepidation, sits down, and hammers out some jarring notes. It looks like he has, indeed, lost it -- that her father was right. But then a few notes hesitantly flow from Beethoven's fingers. He rests his head on the piano, and "Moonlight Sonata" pours forth. Giulietta comes out from her hiding place, and when she rests her hand on his shoulder, Beethovan is shocked and angered that he's been deceived -- that his most intimate feelings have been spied upon. "Moonlight Sonata" was Beethoven's private journal ripped open and read.

As much as we all have favorite scenes, I find that there are few that always evoke the same reaction and feelings, and this moment from Immortal Beloved is one of them, ripping out sadness, understanding, and chills every time. Check it out after the jump.