One Twilight star is earning a considerable amount of buzz these days, and for once, it's not Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson. It's the other corner of the love triangle, Taylor Lautner, who went from being "the kid with the long hair" in Twilight to the young man so determined to keep his werewolf role that he hit the gym big time. He came out ofNew Moon with a fair amount of praise for his performance, and critics dubbed him the one most likely to succeed post-Twilight.

According to the LA Times, Lautner is being considered for the part of Max Steel. Steel is the latest Mattel toy to be put into pre-production by Paramount. He's a 19-year-old extreme sports star who becomes fused with nanotechnology, and the unholy use of nanos gives him super abilities such as enhanced speed, strength, cloaking and invisibility. But he uses these powers not to win the Olympic snowboarding competition, but for the forces of good, battling a secret terrorist organization. Max began life as an action figure, and became a CGI television show in 2000. Though he only ran for two television seasons and fell out of favor here, Max Steel remains one of Latin America's most popular superheroes, and has a constant stream of direct-to-DVD movies there.

Lautner would certainly be a good pick for Max Steel. He's got some action chops, and has a much more masculine appeal than a lot of stars his age. The studios likes all that and more -- he is being eyed as someone who can lure in that elusive female audience that allegedly won't see action films without a lead like Lautner. What if the gender balance is completely destroyed, and Max Steel has to work to draw in the men? I'm not sure Hollywood would know what to do.
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