The True Blood cast is growing, with Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) learning he has a long lost brother. Marshall Allman (Prison Break) will play Tommy Mickens in the third season of the HBO Hit. Apparently Sam's brother has been working at a Tire Depot in Arkansas. Who knew?

Denis O'Hare (Milk, Garden State) also joins the cast as the vampire king of Mississippi. Within the True Blood world, vampires have divided up the country with regional sheriffs who serve under a king or a queen. In season two, the queen of Louisiana was revealed to be Sophie-Anne Leclerq, played by Rachel Evan Wood.

True Blood centers on the Sookie Stackhouse and other inhabitants of Bon Temps, Louisiana after a scientific breakthrough in synthetic blood allows vampires to publicy declare their presence. The series was inspired by the southern vampire books by Charlaine Harris and stars Anna Paquin and an ensemble cast. Production on the summer series begins this week in Los Angeles.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

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