For a moment there, I thought this was related to the Frank Miller Buck Rogers project that was announced in late 2008. It has the same soft, digital look and washed out color palette of Miller's directorial debut The Spirit, but this new Buck Rogers project is from independent filmmaker James Cawley -- the man behind the ambitious fan film series Star Trek Phase II.

While Phase II isn't authorized by CBS/Paramount, Cawley partnered with Flint Dille, whose Dille Syndicate has owned the rights to Buck Rogers since 1929, to bring the project to life. Promising a "retro-contemporary" return to Buck Rogers' comic strip roots, Cawley's official license (which means he can profit from it, unlike his unofficial Star Trek shorts) will allow him to deal with a bigger budget and better production values than he's had on Phase II.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is currently planned for twenty serialized forty-minute episiodes to start streaming on the web in Fall 2010 with young actor Bobby Rice in the title role.

Watch the teaser trailer after the jump.
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