I've been following the development of the South Korean monster movie Chawfor a few months now, but it's been a difficult undertaking because there hasn't been a lot of material about the film released here in the west--and what has been shared tended to be in Korean without subtitles. Somehow, I missed this video from the summer when it appeared on YouTube (thanks to Bloody-Disgusting for spotting it). Better late than never, I suppose.

This promo clip reinforces my earlier assessment about the film--that it's sort of a South Korean version of Razorback (a movie I happen to like a lot), but it also provides loads of background information about the story, the characters, the South Korean monster movie scene as a whole, and the production process. It's definitely worth a look if you enjoyed The Host. Whether the finished product will be as good as that movie remains to be seen, but after seeing this promo I'm still interested in watching the completed film. The mere fact that it has an autopsy scene that looks like it's paying homage to the one in Spielberg's Jaws is enough to get me to spring for a rental. I'm easy like that.

If this is your first exposure to Chaw, it's basically a film about a man-eating boar terrorizing a small village and the odd assortment of characters brought in to confront it. I'm a little worried about reports stating the film features a lot of comedy, but we'll have to wait and see how it all turns out. Chaw still hasn't landed US distribution, but seems likely to land here on DVD at some point.

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