Ever since Inglorious Basterdstook cinemas by storm, Eli "The Bear Jew" Roth has been all the rage, and one can't browse the horror sites without seeing his name in some capacity. He most recently produced the thriller Cotton, which has been described as a cinema verite-style film that chronicles a disillusioned priest's final exorcism, and the always-busy Roth has already begun prepping a new flick, Endangered Species.

Speaking with MTV about the film, Roth revealed the film will be a mix between Transformers and Cloverfield, though whether or not this means it will be filmed in the same manner as the latter is anyone's guess. The plot of the film is being kept under wraps, but in a recent interview with CHUD, Roth revealed that he has been working on the script for the past eighteen months, and that it will have a much smaller budget than one would presume for a film of this caliber.

The script is currently being tweaked after Roth received from suggestions from Quentin Tarantino, and shooting is set to begin sometime next year. Special thanks to Shock for the heads up.
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