The Sons of Anarchy versus an undead, murderous Johnny Cash? I'm there! Okay, so maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but that's what I gleaned from the synopsis of the Butcher Brothers' 'The Violent Kind'. Just accepted as an official selection for the midnight movie lineup at Sundance, the film's official Facebook page offers up a brief rundown:

One night at a secluded farmhouse deep in the Northern California woods, a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the girls becomes savagely possessed and a gang of "Rockabillies" seemingly from the 1950's descends upon them to collect what is growing inside her.

Sounds a little 'off', doesn't it? I can't think of many films with killer Rockabilly/greasers (maybe 'Sometimes they Come Back'). Just to let us know what we're getting into, the Facebook page also lists the genre as 'Horror/Grindhouse/WTF.' It's about time someone created a 'WTF' genre. Let's petition Netflix to get it added immediately.

The Butcher Brothers, aside from having the coolest name in filmmaking, also gave us one of the better After Dark flicks in recent memory, the Hamiltons. It was nasty, with a touch of dirty weirdness. While this sounds like their next flick is heading off in a direction that takes itself a bit less seriously, the image above indicates that it won't be light on the brutality. If that's not enough, the pic certainly evokes a bit of exploitation, which is rarely a bad thing.

Of course, Bloody-Disgusting has a few more images for you to take a look at. While you're at it, dig through more of what you're missing at Sundance in 2010 in Alison's list here.
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