I don't think there's a company better at parting a geek with his well-earned money than Sideshow Collectibles. Seems like every week they've got some new, awesome (and usually ferociously expensive) collectible just waiting to make its home beside your computer monitor or on your bookshelf.

They're offering seven different Hot Toys Mars Attacks! "Mini Cosbabies" (a fancy name for 3" vinyl action figures) for pre-order at the remarkably sane price of $8.50 US.

I still have a few of the action figures from the original Trendmasters assortment from 1996 that coincided with the release of the Tim Burton flop (a flop that I thoroughly enjoyed). The comically hideous retro design of the Mars Attacks! Martians have kept them as some of my favorite (and most commented upon) desktop decorations.

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