Total Sci-Fi Online interviewed Gary Russell, the director of the Dr. Who animated adventure, Dreamland.

Dreamland is the second animated program directed by Russell, after Infinite Quest. This latest web series takes place in a mid-century Area 51 with David Tennant playing the infamous Time Lord. In the interview, he talks about the freedoms and restrictions of working in an animated medium. Says Russell, "What animation does give us is scope, is the ability to say 'Let's set Dreamland in 1950s New Mexico, with giant insectoids, flying brains and fleets of tanks, helicopters and explosions' – all things it would be far more difficult to do in live action."

Dreamland takes place between "Waters of Mars" and "The End of Time" in a time known as "The Specials" in the Dr. Who universe, before the next incarnation of the Doctor. Tennant is relinquishing the role to Matt Smith, the 11th actor to play the iconic character. "Waters of Mars" aired in the UK in November, and premieres on BBC America this weekend.

The episodes for Dreamland are available on the Doctor Who website in the UK; they will air in their entirety on BBC Two on Saturday. The episodes are not available outside the UK at this time.

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