Actress Helen Mirren won a lifetime achievement award at the UK Women in Film and Television Awards the other day, and she used it as an opportunity to speak out on the changes in Hollywood and where film should go from here. Mirren said that in the beginning: "It was all men. If you were lucky, there was one woman... That was it; everybody else on the set (was a man) and my God, it's changed and that's fantastic." But she's not satisfied with status quo: "It has not gone nearly far enough... I want to see more women behind the camera. We have great women working in this industry. Let's celebrate them with this award."

Of course, we've already talked about the strong directorial race for the Oscars this year, but that's just one part of a business where female directors accounted for only 9% of the top 250 films of 2008. So how should Hollywood expand as we move into the next decade? While we should continue to foster new talent, it would be really easy to make use of established talent in the movie industry and look towards documentaries. While women struggle in fiction, they thrive in truth.
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