Having kicked butt and taken names as an animated Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black is heading for the big animals of legend and grabbing his first producer gig in the animation world. Variety reports that Black will produce Jason Micallef's currently untitled animation pitch for Illumination Entertainment based on the world of cryptozoology -- you know, the super-scientific study of legendary beasts like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

There's no word on exactly what the film will detail, other than the creature-filled theme, but it looks like this has no connection to the project stirring back in 2007 that never got off the ground. One would imagine that this feature will make it a bit farther though, since it's already got Black's name attached. However, while he seems quite involved with the project, it's only as producer. Variety noted that the actor "will not provide a voice" in the movie, but I wouldn't be surprised if he changes his mind once the script is done.

The other perk this feature has going for it, aside from the awesomeness that is Loch Ness, is that Micallef is the scribe behind the Black List script Butter, so while he's not an established writer yet, there's definitely talent there. Now all we need is to get some cryptozoology that makes it beyond the initial pitch. Will Nessie and Big Foot make it this time around? Stay tuned!
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