It's been a while since Jack Black has been involved in something really worth getting excited over. And while this announcement isn't exactly of the "Wow, I'll be counting down the days until this one comes out", there's something to be said about interesting sci-fi family entertainment.

Illumination Entertainment has acquired a pitch made by scribe Jason Micallef (who wrote Black List script Butter and rewrote The King of Kong script, based on the documentary) for a Cryptozoology-based animated film concept which Jack Black would produce. For those not completely familiar with Cryptozoology, it is the study or search for animals not officially recognized by mainstream biologists, such as your Loch Ness Monsters, Big Foots and what Wikipedia refers to as phantom cats or ABC's (stands for Alien Big Cats). The project does not yet have a title.

As someone who enjoyed Monsters vs. Aliens more than I ever thought I could, I'm all in favor of some more sci-fi themed kid-appropriate material, so long as it has more promise than Planet 51 or Aliens in the Attic. Next summer, the Universal Pictures-based Illumination will have its first major animation project hitting theaters -- that's Despicable Me with the voice talents of Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig and many more, so we can appropriately adjust our excitement for this Cryptozoology deal at that later July 9, 2010 date.

(via Variety)
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