This summer we reported that T5 was greenlit and McG was directing again. Last night, Warner Brothers held a live commentary session on BD-Live for Terminator Salvationwith director McG. I haven't tracked down an actual transcript, but I have found the live commentary of one the participants at Gizmodo. Apparently there were technical difficulties like there were with the Dark KnightBD-Live commentary, but more precisely, McG did not ingratiate himself with the audience.

McG hasn't exactly had a love-love relationship with audiences, but he's outdone himself with the BD-Live, if the reports have any accuracy at all. On Saturday during the BD-Live event he compared himself to Hitchcock, Terminator Salvation to The Dark Knight, and made such statements as, "there's two elements that go into filmmaking. There's sound, and there's the picture."

But more shockingly, he not only indicated that he felt Terminator Salvation is better than the third film in franchise, but that he could make a better movie than the first two (at 7:48 on the reaction transcript). You can probably guess the reactions to that.

It would be nice to have an actual transcript of what McG said; it sounds like it was entertaining although hardly in the way Warner Brothers intended. You can read the commentary transcript on the Gizmodo site, but there is one statement fans of the Terminator franchise might not know, is that he not only plans on doing at least one, if not two or more films in the franchise, but that Sarah Connor is going to be in the next film.

Um, shouldn't he wait until the rights to the franchise are auctioned off before making bold claims like that?
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