When famed undergarment emporium Victoria's Secret wanted to put a little oomph into its TV advertising, it knew where to look: in the ADHD-addled brain of Michael Bay, whose junior-high-school-level enthusiasm for scantily clad hot chicks is legendary. He's actually been shooting ads for Vicky for several years, but the latest one got a high-profile debut last week during TheVictoria's Secret Fashion Show, which apparently was a real thing that was really on CBS.

We've got the ad after the jump. Even if we hadn't told you, you could probably guess it was directed by Michael Bay. The central image is women's breasts -- just as in the Transformers movies, only this time it makes sense. Some malnourished ladies walk around in their unmentionables, occasionally pausing to straddle a chaise lounge or bend over a pool table, while behind them a helicopter flies around, because hey, why not? Then there is an explosion, also because hey, why not? I do not know if it is the helicopter that explodes or if it is something else, perhaps something that the helicopter shot at. I don't know who the good guys and bad guys are here. Oh, and one of the ladies throws some knives at another lady. Both ladies exhibit no emotion whatsoever, so, again, I don't know whom we're supposed to be rooting for. It appears the editing was done by a monkey injected with amphetamines, which is to say it was edited to look like a Michael Bay film. The commercial is 90 seconds long and has, by my count, 80 cuts.

Watch the highly persuasive ad after the jump. Women, be prepared to feel like buying a lot of underwear!!!
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