Surely we all know by now that Duncan Jones' Moon is not only a great science fiction film, but a great film, period. Moon has more on its mind than about, oh, 98% of the other films released this year (maybe even the last couple years) and it's proof that science fiction can be created on a tiny budget without looking like a Sci-Fi Channel (still refusing to call it SyFy) production. I cannot sing enough praise for Moon, but I'm preaching to the choir at this point, right? Right?

I'm surely preaching to the British Independent Film Awards, who awarded Moon with Best Film and Best Debut Director on Sunday. I can't speak to the BIFA's track record on the subject, but considering that general lack of awards recognition for genre filmmaking from any organization with the power to hand out statuettes, this should be seen as a fist-pumping, "Hell yeah!" moment of triumph for one of the best films of the year.

Will this be as high as Moon flies? As much as I support the ongoing campaign to secure Sam Rockwell a much-deserved Oscar Nomination for his work in the film, that is Moon's only shot at potential Oscar gold (and even a nomination is looking slim).We can take solace in the increasingly obvious fact that most awards are irrelevant and would rather give recognition to more "important films." You know, the ones full of racists who learn that they're terrible people and such.

In the meantime, congrats to Moon and to Duncan Jones (who has proven his talent so fully that I don't even have to mention that he is the son of David Bowie...oops) and kudos the to BIFAs for fighting the good fight in the war on bad taste.

(via Variety)
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