Last night my MP3 player was getting some serious rotation and I started to find a few patterns in my playlists. 1. There is no stopping my love of deep male vocals. I'm looking at you Michael Gira, Stephin Merritt, Tom Waits and Co., 2. I have an unhealthy number of Sex Dwarf covers and 3. Horror movies.

I'm not just talking about instrumental scores in horror films, because I can easily name a bazillion off the top of my head that are brilliant including Suspiria (and most Italian horror flicks), The Shining and The Thing. Instead, I wanted to challenge myself to recall those favorite movie moments where a non-instrumental track totally made the scene. I thought this would be super easy at first but to my surprise it took a little thinking before I came up with a hefty enough list to share with you. I'm only featuring one at a time to avoid slamming you into a giant YouTube wall, so please stay tuned for more each week. Oh, and the part-time masochist in me doesn't want you to make this easy for me by giving me suggestions (wait until I beg at least) but keep sending me your comments--I love reading them. Check out my first pick for the film Alone in the Dark after the jump.
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