There have been teases of a Tim Burton directed, Johnny Depp starring feature film reboot of the cult '60s show Dark Shadows for years now, but every time it seemed like progress was underway the schedules for both Burton and Depp would fill back up and news on the matter would once again slink under the rug. Well, that shouldn't happen any more; according to Graham King, one of the film's producer, who tells SCI FI Wire that shooting will begin in the September-October 2010 time frame.

King assures the site that they've actually been working on Dark Shadows while Burton's Alice in Wonderland is in post-production. John August, who wrote Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the upcoming Frankenweenie for Burton, has already delivered his crack at the screenplay, which the trio are now tweaking. There are no hints yet as to how much of the show's original elements -- which ran the gamut of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, monsters, zombies, and witches -- will be incorporated into the reboot, but it is safe to say that many of those creatures of the night will once again find their way into the life of Barnabas Collins, the beloved role Depp will be taking over.

Though his description is rather coy, King told SFW "Dark Shadows film would have something to say in the post-Twilight world of emo vampires." I've never actually seen the original show, or the attempt in the '90s to reboot it, but a statement like that (and the talent involved) is good enough for me to stay interested.
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