Recently we brought you Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' in the Original Klingon and the Dad Teaches His Son Klingon Instead of English. It seems like there are a lot more Klingon linguists out there than ever suspected.

Urlesque has compiled no less than nine videos of people speaking Klingon on YouTube, including the toddler who has been taught Klingon since birth, Hamlet... and an official video of an Eminem cover.

To whet your appetite for these gems, here's a rundown, in the order they appear on Urlesque:

1. Klingon Happy Meal
2. Klenginem (Eminem's "Without Me" -- the official video no less)
3. Klingon Propaganda (an animated piece)
4. Klingon Hamlet (isn't there no verb for "to be" in Klingon?)
5. Klingon Boggle (because there has to be a board game rendition)
6. Frasier's Klingon Blessing
7. The Enterprise Can't Speak Klingon
8. Klingon Rhapsody (Klingons singing Bohemian Rhapsody in English)
9. Klingon Baby

What's your favorite Klingon video?Check out the most disturbing one (we think) after the jump.
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