If instead of having 10 Best Picture nominees for 2009, the folks running the Oscars had decided to do a Ten Best list for the decade about to end, I doubt that many '09 movies would be on it. And last year didn't offer many legititmate contenders, either. It's not just the economy that's been in a recession lately.

But overall, the first decade of the new millennium has delivered plenty of first-rate motion pictures, including Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, for my money the greatest movie serial of all time (sorry 'Star Wars' fans, but George Lucas' dreadful second trilogy tainted the franchise). It is also the decade in which computer-generated animation was perfected and which saw the resurgence of better-than-ever 3D.

I've been producing Decade Top 10 lists since the end of the Sublime '70s and would rank the current one third, behind the '70s and '90s and ahead of the woeful '80s. But all of the movies on my Double Ought list, and my second string of choices for Best Animated Features, are destined to become classics.
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