We are currently in the calm before the storm, waiting to see what manner of box office havoc Avatar and Sherlock Holmes will wreak starting December 18th. This weekend was conceded to the leggy The Blind Side, which took over the top spot from New Moonto bring its total gross to around $130 million. New Moon took another big hit, but it hardly matters; the movie will struggle to get to $300 million, but has a fighting chance at it. The movie that's petered out a little domestically is 2012 -- it's at $148 million and won't get much farther, though its worldwide numbers ($600 million and counting) more than make up for it.

The weekend's new arrivals did not make much of a splash. Nearly $10 million for Brothers sounds okay to me -- the movie is a painful, dead-serious drama that would have been buried deep in the arthouses were it not for its star power. $6.6 million for Screen Gems' Armored is neither here nor there; the marketing was awfully generic (though I'm curious about the movie since Nimrod Antal's Vacancy was terrific). $4 million for Everybody's Fineon 2000 screens is a disappointment; I think Family Stone-type numbers ($12 million) were achievable. It seems like Miramax has been totally neutered.

Oscar front-runner Up in the Airgot a promising start on 15 screens, landing at #13. And the dreadful-looking Transylmania scored the third worst wide release of all time with a $272 average on 1000 screens.

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