It's time to get a little moving look at Kristen Stewart in The Yellow Handkerchief, and once again, I wonder if those in charge of marketing ever consider context when they release a piece of footage. The clip, which premiered over at Yahoo and is embedded after the jump, shows Stewart and co-star Eddie Redmayne laying in bed. The young outcast is trying to convince Stewart that if she kisses him, his obsessive feelings towards her will go away because the mystery is gone. She lies still, thinks, bites her lip in normal Stewart form, and then falls for the ridiculous ploy before going in for the kill kiss.

I'm digging Stewart's southern accent, and am anxious to see the rest (especially after the trailer Jen Yamato alerted us to), but I'm finding it really hard to watch the more silent beginning and not add in my own soundtrack. I'm laying here in bed with a geek. How close to the end of the bed can I lie?In my last movie I was kissing Robert Pattinson. That was pretty hot. So hot, in fact, that everything thinks we're about to move in together and get married. Maybe I should marry him. He's pretty sexy. *turn* Can I really kiss this guy? What have I gotten myself into? I can't wait until we film Breaking Dawn and I get to have bed-frame-breaking sex with RPatt.