Since the 1994 release of Jonathan Lethem's sci-fi/noir novel, Gun, with Occasional Music, there have been a couple attempts at bringing the adaptation to screen. In the '90s, director Alan J. Pakula (All The President's Men) was in line to take a crack at Lethem's cult novel, and more recently, Hampton Fancher (who co-wrote Blade Runner with David Webb Peoples) was set to adapt it. For better or worse, neither incarnation got off the ground, and now, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans producers Gabe and Alan Polsky have optioned the film rights.

The brief synopsis for Lethem's book reads like a complete Lynchian mindf--k. In a futuristic vision of San Francisco and Oakland, detective Conrad Metcalf enters a labyrinthian world of drugs, "baby-heads", bestiality and gun-wielding kangaroo mobsters when a man puts him on the case of a murdered urologist. There's a lot more sci-fi, hard-boiled weirdness involved (karma transactions on debit cards, "slaveboxes") in what looks to be the next book this blogger will likely purchase.

But for those who are already familiar with Gun..., let's play the speculation game: Who would you want to see on the right creative team for this project? Fancher seemed like a pretty solid choice for a screenwriter, although now that the film rights have changed hands, it's unlikely he'll get another crack at the script. As far as directors go, may I humbly suggest Terry Gilliam?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)
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