I don't want you to think I'm gunning for this flick, because I have a long history of enjoying films like Student Bodies, Scary Movie, Transylvania 6-5000, The Monster Squad, and tons of other mirthful monster movies, but it looks like the recent freak farce Transylmania has earned itself a spot in the hall of shame. Again, I'm pleased to note that our own John Gholson had a little fun with the flick, but here's the real story:

According to the fine folks at Box Office Mojo, and I quote, "Transylmania captured the record for the lowest-grossing opening for a movie playing at over 1,000 sites. The horror spoof grossed a mere $263,941 at 1,007 sites, stripping the 1991 feature, Rich Girl, of the title."

I'll leave it to someone smart to do the per-site math on that, but if you have a torn stub from your weekend trip to Transylmania, I think you should hold onto it. It could become the Honus Wagner of movie ticket stubs. (Any of our readers see the movie? Is it any worse than, say, Street Fighter or Dragonball?)