Devin Faraci over at has his ear to the ground concerning rumors that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the screenwriters behind the surprise horror/comedy hit Zombieland, have been tapped to write the screenplay for Twentieth Century Fox's long-discussed Marvel movie Deadpool.

Honestly, when Ryan Reynolds signed on for Warner's Green Lantern movie (coupled with the way X-Men Origins: Wolverine basically took a cinematic dump on the Deadpool character), I figured this project would never happen, and that if it did happen, it would happen without Reynolds attached. If Fox is moving forward with a script, especially with Reese and Wernick, then I'm happy to be wrong.

The character is one of the few from early 90's Marvel to have sustained any sort of following or popularity into the present day (Notice this article isn't about a live-action film for Darkhawk or Sleepwalker or Slapstick or Ravage 2099 or Nightwatch or etc.). I'd like to see a fast-paced and funny Deadpool flim, and I think Reese and Wernick are sound choices for the material, which, if adapted faithfully, should be a blend of high-octane action and rude comedy.
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