Pixar's sublime Up took in $293 million in North America. Monsters vs. Aliens grossed nearly $200 million in domestic moneys. Ice Age 3 did almost exactly the same ... and it was ridiculously massive overseas. So clearly there is no shortage of parents out there who are more than content to take the whole family out to the movies every other weekend. (Hell, they do it for virtually every other animated feature as well, the ones that are actually crappy.) Two months ago Spike Jonze's lyrical adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are topped out at about $75 million ... not bad, but it deserved better. But it proved there's a market for the adaptations of childhood nostalgia.

And now comes the point: There's a new animated film on the market that's not only one of the mostly oddly amiable family films of the year ... it's also one of the quietest in the marketplace at the moment. It's Wes Anderson's adaptation of Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox -- and so far it has yet to break $15 million. Granted, the flick only opened 'wide' on November 25, but if that first frame is any indication ... moviegoers don't seem to care all that much. And that's a shame. This is a great film.
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