I have a like-hate relationship with ABC's new sci-fi series, FlashForward. On the one hand, it's just intriguing enough to keep me tuning in each week to see why the entire world blacked out for roughly two minutes. On the other hand, it's tendency to do stupid things like set every building on fire and write its main character (Joesph Fiennes) like an action movie cliche is starting to wear thin. So when it was announced recently that ABC had put the show on a production hiatus, I went along with the general consensus that it was a sign the network was canceling the series after a string of unimpressive ratings returns.

Robert J. Sawyer, the man who wrote the book that Brannon Braga and David Goyer based the show on, has gone on record to say that's no the case. Not only is the show on the verge of cancellation, he says, but Sawyer feels that the new delay (the show won't be returning until March of next year) is actually a great thing for viewers. And with the justification he posted on his blog, I've got agree with him.

Sawyer pointed out that without the hiatus, FlashForward would have been a victim to the moronic programming decisions that befell LOST years ago, as the show would have aired new episodes in short spurts, then gone back on break, then airing, then break and on and on. With the new schedule, however, ABC will be able to air a new episode every week starting March 4th and running to the season's end on May 27th. The several month gap between then and now clearly isn't going to win the show any new watchers, but at least ABC has shaken their LOST syndrome.
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